Three important tools: Listen Actively, Meditation and Dance

The three important tools in the process of correcting love are:

Knowing how to listen actively.

Listening actively is one of the most important tools in the process of correcting love. With this, you can understand what surrounds you, but also your inner self.

Learning how to listen actively your inner self as well as your exterior allows you to take right decisions and understand your way of living here and now.

Listening actively is an ability you must know, develop and practice. Its importance is based on the fact that the information you receive is vital to understand the thoughts and feelings that will start to emerge in your process of correcting love.

Knowing how to meditate

Meditating has a double function as a tool.

First, it liberates you from the daily stress, and second it produces the balance you need to focus and live intensely each moment.

For most people, meditation is a synonym of something complicated and it’s almost always related to something mystical, but the truth is that it is a natural state to which we have resigned as human beings.

I say resign because what makes you sick prevails over what liberates you in your daily life.

When you choose to meditate and make this tool a journey partner, it will change your life in 360 degrees.

The importance of dancing

Dancing is for human beings, the same as fuel is for the car. You must use it but refill the tank and dancing produces the exact same thing in your life; you use it and refill.

This tool is vital in this process of correcting love and how this act in your spirit and body. It is the answer to you happiness.

On the page love compatibility, I write more information on how vital is dancing and what happens when you dance.

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Knowing how to meditate

The importance of dancing

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