Food is essential for you existence and when we talk about it there must be three aspects very well understood and that I call the QQC


Quality, because you must choose a balanced food with the vitamins, proteins, calcium, etc. your body needs.

Quantity, because you must not eat more than what you need.

That’s why I’ll tell you a little discovery.

The bowls we use for cereal, glasses, dishes, etc. have some drawings that many times divide the design in half or a bit upper.

The thing is that these drawings let you have the amount of food you need to eat. Look these two examples (pictures glass, bowl). They also help to be more aware of your real appetite.



And Continuity is related to the times you need to eat during the day.

Six are the meals of the day, three of them are basic: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The other three are the complement among meals, normally it is a fruit or cereal or some toasts.

I use the technique of the three hours, which let me be more flexible and control what I eat.

It consists of counting three hours after the first meal, i.e. if I eat breakfast at 8am, I shall eat a fruit three hours later, at 11am and so on.

This method is practical and safe and allows you be aware of the QQC, supplier your real need.

I say this because sometimes we are hungry and do not listen to our body, or we are thirsty and we do not drink.

Here is precisely where listening actively become present to ourselves. You must learn to listen to your inner self.

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