The first step in any kind of relationship advice is to know that it’s not two but three..

You, me, us, where you are YOU and I am me and TOGETHER we form US

Relationship Advice That Actually Works is To become aware that relationships have three components and not two will allow you to take responsibility and with it to make the next steps which are to get knowledge,have a clear flair and practice.

There are many things we must learn, but not all of them are important, our natural abilities are

Four are the abilities that a person has to re-discover, develop and know how to use it.

  • To listen actively
  • Curiosity
  • Learning and action (implementation)
  • Intuition

  • In any relationship I always advise these four abilities and the knowledge we’ll see now.

    I’ll emphasize pure love and describe how it is perceived and manifested. I will give examples of abilities and behaviours you must train as something fundamental for a vibrant and mutual respect relationship.

    Love, the way I see it, is always present even when visibility is not clear enough. Love awaits in silence for you to be able to comprehend and choose it in your life.

    There are attitudes in relationships that I advise to work on:

    Honesty, gratitude, responsibility, security, positive mood, presence, resistance, empathy,forgiveness and dignity.

    And some destructive behaviour you have to become aware of in order to change them.

    Dissatisfaction, persistence, approval, seeking conflicts, to punish, to confirm, alert state, to criticize, fear of abandonment, incapacity to receive.

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    The first and most important love advice is to know how to listen.
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    for that,the first we must learn is TO BE QUIET.

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