Best love stories and the biggest ever told is ¡YOURS!

Best love stories are: Romeo and Juliet, Cleopatra and Mark Anthony, Lancelot and Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde, and Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler... the list is long.

But, the biggest ever told is ¡YOURS!

Since we are born, we face a saga that no one can solve in our place: to know who we are.

Humans are the only living beings with consciousness of ourselves and our beings.We perform many roles (lover, friend, worker, teacher, father) and all those roles contribute to us and say something about ourselves, but none of them fully define us.

The psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung named this journey of knowing oneself "process of individualization". Its key moments are:

  • The Call
  • The Mask’s Fall
  • The Meeting with the Shadow
  • The Dialogue with our Male and Female Side
  • The Core. The Meeting with Oneself

  • I name this journey of knowing oneself "process of AWAKENING"

    Daring to wake up and be born again is daring to leave the old man behind

    best love stories

    As long as you don’t wake up and be born again, the old man will continue leading you life.You best love stories

    A life full of schedules and where the true architect has not wanted to RECOGNIZE the RESPONSIBILITY of his work and that architect is you.

    When you decide to take the path of awareness you reality will change forever, as long as you are in the path of pain, you reality will not be what you wish the most.

    You’ll get to the meeting with yourself anyway, but the great difference is that is the slower and longer path.

    What I’m trying to say is that daring is one option and as all options it has to be taken with responsibility because once you are in the path of waking up and be born again, there is no return.

    It is about changing the comfort you have now, the apparent safety you feel for a world where only you and everyone that has waken up will be with you.

    I know that reading these lines might cause certain fear, but it is a natural fear that everyone must face in order to meet again with themselves. It is about having the faith that within yourself you are doing the right thing and where you safety is growing with each step you make towards that new man.

    love stories

    Waking up is a process and as a process it requires to go through each step in order to achieve the threshold of your freedom and your life’s leadership.

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