The present is another resource that is at your disposal and ...

The present is another resource that is at your disposal and for what it’s worth, it is the only one in the time scale due to it is the only place where you can do or undo.

You cannot change the past, not even a second. What’s done, it’s done and you can only change the future if you REALLYst live THE PRESENT. I mean, you cannot change the future but you can influence in it.

The tramp of the time, to think and feel that we have more time in life has lead many people to regret their acts just because they didn’t act here and now.

I live in Sweden, my father passed away 9 years ago. During his time in this life and in the distance, I never stop manifesting my love and gratitude to the man that had given me life. Only when he died.

The present It was something magical and invigorating, I wouldn’t see him ever again, but he started his life inside me.

It was like this, he disappeared physically, but he is now inside me and everywhere.

I have nothing to regret of each present I had with him, on the contrary, they are the certainty and security of have really lived the present and have loved.

You have to get aware of three basic elements to develop a right work

1.- TIME: You live in three tenses: past, present and future.

Be aware of the following: the only time in which we can really work is PRESENT.

As much as you think about past, you CANNOT change any single details. You spend energy in nothing at all. And it is the same about the future, but this can be affected by the good use of your present.

2.- ACCCEPTANCE: When you accept your past a hundred per cent, a door in your present will be open and your inner journey will begin, your journey to wake up.

3.- IDENTIFICATION: When you stop identifying yourself with your body, your feelings and your mind, you will be born again.

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