Jesus love teach you to wake up and be born again

Jesus love

When you discover Jesus love within yourself, you won’t be the same again.

Everything changes and returns to be the way it was at the beginning.

The freedom you have is not about doing whatever you want, but not doing anything different from what has to be done.

It took me very long time to understand this phrase.

I walk around many places. I was working in the valley of tears, but as I have always said, everything that happens to you has a meaning that you might not see immediately, but as time goes on, you understand that it couldn’t have been other way.

It was when I connected with the Jesus love tired of so many things that I understood that my pride wouldn’t let me see what was evident,

In order to deeply understand what I’m trying to say, I need to clarify certain things:

  • Jesus was a man, a carpenter who was born again in the energy of love. He could have been perfectly named Michael, but men are pride, we don’t believe in the simplicity of life, in the energy that leads us.

  • Jesus called himself as the son of God, but men are pride was impossible that it was part of the word created by ourselves. God, but men are pride we killed him and continued killing anyone similar to Jesus. Everyone that has been born again as Jesus is dead.

  • If Jesus proclaimed himself as son of God, You can also do it. But remember that it took 33 years before he said this phrase and when he said it, he was completely submerged in the sea he was no longer a drop.

  • Jesus was not born to free us from our sins; he was born to show us the true path of men: Love.

  • When Jesus was born again, he told us that we have to be like children to get into this energy, but men are pride and “free” we afford to give our lives to live without understanding anything.

  • Finally, Jesus love is the clearest and most irrefutable example who tells us with his example that it only depends on us to wake up and be happy or to sleep and live in the valley of tears.

    Jesus de San Damian We are so proud and selfish that our world is based on these roots. I’ll give you only one example for you to check the veracity of what I’m saying.

    When people decide to watch the sunset, which is certainly a marvelous moment, they don’t think about the sunset like children do, but proudly. But tell me one thing.

    How can men think that such huge planet called sun and center of our galaxy goes down on the horizon?

    The answer is more than obvious. It is not the Sun but us who goes up, but men are pride our egocentrism don’t let us see clearly, unless we TRULLY WAKE UP, BE BORN AGAIN.

    The task is great but the reward
    justifies the effort.

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