When the Love signs speak to me. Well, and now we are going to work seriously!

Love signs:

Some years ago I heard, a story about a man looking for WISDOM AND GOD.

When someone has seen the light for a moment, this man said, it was impossible to continue living without it. And motivated by that, he began his walk towards a place he heard about where the greatest wisdoms were taught.

love signs Tired of waking, looking for some love signs and exhausted, he fell to the ground and suddenly he saw a tall wall in front of him with a huge door. He knocked over and over with no answer, but after some minutes a little window was opened and a couple of eyes looked at him and it was closed again.

It was there when that huge, heavy door opened. It seems that it hadn’t been opened in a long time.

When no one came to meet him, he took the DECISION of coming in and he found a beautiful city inside. He was petrified by such beautiful landscape and after getting filled of all that, he started to be aware of himself. There was no one nearby. Suddenly in a bend of the road he found an old man who was working on the land. After watching him, he asked him:- Excuse me, can you help me? I am just a foreigner.

and the old man turned around and said to him:

- What are you looking for?

The man answered:

- I am looking for WISDOM, I’M LOOKING FOR GOD.

The old man said to him : You have established something difficult, really difficult.- Can you help me? I am just a foreigner. Answered the man

and the old man answered:

- No one is a foreigner here, we are all humans, we are one in our apparent multiplicity. We all suffer and we all get happy with everyone.Look at that wall. It separate two worlds. The reality in here is very different from what it’s commonly called reality out there. It is just appearance.

The little old man said to him that there are two ways through which we learn the teachings of life. One is the path of pain that purifies but it is very slow. It is the path of the ones that comes the way you come from and it is known as the VALLEY OF TEARS.

The other way is the most difficult to explain. It is harder to comprehend and get closer to God. It is the path of the AWAKEN consciousness.

And – How is that path? said the foreigner.

- I told you. It is more difficult to comprehend, but whoever that finds this path will no longer suffer. The pain stops being the master making room now to comprehension, comprehension on the cosmic laws that are the guides.

The foreigner thought for a moment that if that humble man knew so much, how much more he could learn from the masters in that place. The little old man who was looking at him very carefully and seemed to read his mind, asked:

love signs

- Would you like to learn gardening? Because I only teach that, to work the land, sow seeds you know?

The man answered:

- I am sorry, but I have face many dangers seeking for KNOWLEDGE. I don’t want to hurt your feelings.

I hope you are not upset. I understand that everyone here has a special mission. When I came here to seek love signs I saw people very into deep reflections, concentrated in serious problems and I think is that what I’m looking for, wisdom at the highest level.

- You are right! The gardener answered.

Do you see those hills? There, within the walls, you will find,the "love signs" what you are looking for. For now, that is your way. Perhaps you’ll be interested in this in the future.

And I ask you:

Would you like to wake up and be born again?

Because I only teach that, to work the land, sow seeds, you know?

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