The family love can only be understood if we comprehend that love is an option in ourselves.

It means that the family love is having an attitude where you are you and I am me and, where together we accomplish the truly love. That’s why when you begin your own family you must have certain things clear. Things that you don’t have to be doing while you are in a family.

It is difficult to separate great part of our activities from family love, but we can give them the important they deserve. o alternate your own needs with the ones of the family group.

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But this is not possible if we don’t take out the labels to relationships before, as I have experienced myself, I explain.

When you relate with a member of the family, this person brings along a name, a label: dad, mom, brother or sister, grandfather, son, uncle, etc. these labels have a series of experiences and feelings stuck to them and they are organized in a hierarchical order

In family love Let’s choose one of them, the dad, for instance. In this kind of relationship from son or daughter to father, there are things that we cannot say in the heat of the moment. They may be right but as your label is so heavy, you simple accept or shut up overlooking the moment that may have been perhaps the most important one for both, and this is the way it works with the rest.

Family love

It can also happen that your feeling is wrong, but the label doesn’t allow you to pass through this barrier that may perfectly be another beautiful moment to grow up together.

Then, what is the advice for a healthy and natural relationship in to family?

It is the following:

  • You must take out the label that the relationship brings along. This will allow you to relate with the person in front of you and not with the idea that is inside of you.

  • But you ask yourself. How do I take out the label? Well, using the ability of listening actively. This ability allows you to really know the person and clearly see your labels and the other’s.

  • You must be a kid again. With this I mean you must be curious and based on this the most important question will emerge. The question is the tool that is born from the one who listens actively, from feeling curious.

  • When I wrote on the first page of my web site I said that love is an attitude. I said that because is that attitude the one that allows you to give and receive love regardless the type of relationship your are in.

    It is true that all relationships are totally different, but the energy of love is only one. For this reason, it is extremely important to be awake in this present time.

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