When demystifying a phrase like Astrology Love Compatibility, we only keep what is relevant in astrology:

the influence that energy exerts and time over another body.

This is what astrology love compatibility is about: time and energy .

It is ok to know the zodiac signs with their similarity with another, but as I explained in my page (Relationship Advice) NOT ALL THE KNOWLEDGE IS IMPORTANT.

It’s about to get rid of the trash that’s been put in your head, to WAKE UP. I’ll give you a little example:

Our present calendar (Gregorian) shows us that the day 13th is a bad luck day. We stop doing things or we go around cautious. On the contrary, on the MAYA calendar, number thirteen means renewal where the Earth prepares itself for the next 365 days of the year.

Under this new perspective and if you want to go deep, I will tell you that the difference between these two calendars is the following:


spiritual energy When I talk about these things with my clients, they sometimes ask me how much I earn per hour and I answer them by saying that 1.150 kr per hour.

They laugh and ask again, Is that true? And I answer them with the following explanation:

I earn 150 kr per hour on the Gregorian calendar and 1000 kr on the Maya calendar. Each time I get a smile I am nice and give love WITHOUT EXPECTING ANYTHING IN RETURN.

It is the energy, NOT the time what is important in our daily walk.

Many times we grumble about not having time for this or for that without realizing that it’s not really the time but how we use and recover energy.

You are created by energy which is divided into four areas:

So to continue our topic about Astrology Love Compatibility, I’ll tell you that:

Energy and Time

The physical energy, emotional, mental and spiritual

These four areas CANNOT be activated without the help of the other and only ONE OF THEM is able to activate the other tree.

They work as a chain reaction. The energy is called physical.

The physical energy, emotional, mental and spiritual

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