Love compatibility is talk about energy,
it is important to remember that we are energy

Love compatibility is to understand that what matters the most in your relationships is not time but how you use your energy.

You live in a digital era, following the present Gregorian Calendar where time is the same as money, that’s why you get stressed and you try all the time to win more time when actually what you must do is to manage your energy.

The life you live leads you to not understand the most important thing, the difference among some things such as being superficial instead of going deeper, quick reactions instead of reflecting.

You don’t enjoy the present and what is worse, you complain about the others without noticing that the only one responsible for your situation is you

love compatibility Tell me under this scenario how you can seek the love compatibility if not even you are compatible with yourself.

It is the energy, NOT the time what matters in our daily walk.

Many times you complain about not having time for this or for that without noticing that actually it is not time but how you use energy and recover it.

Your existence is created of energy and that energy is divided into four areas (The physical energy, emotional, mental and spiritual).

These four areas cannot be activated without the help of the other and only one of them is able to activate the other three. They work as a chain reaction. The energy is called physic.

It is this energy that will provoke a chain reaction activating the other three, and for that I haven’t found another activity more complete than dancing, yes! Dancing.

When we dance, a chain reaction is triggered in all our body and when you love compatibility is real.

Let me explain this to you:

Your body is divided in four energies (The physical energy, emotional, mental and spiritual). We work these energies almost always separately and with no responsibility.

These energies need to be USED and RECOVERED, but unfortunately we only focus in using them, shedding from it great part of our difficulties.

For example:

The physical energy that is not recovered is transformed into tiredness, because the body doesn’t know where to go to look for more energy, and tiredness is transformed into negative feelings, , and these into negative thoughts, which will result in a lack of motivation that will not let you do absolutely NOTHING.

Read again the last paragraph
and tell me what I try to say
before saying it.

love compatibility and dance Exactly! We need an activity that allows us recover these energies to keep our balance. That’s why by DANCING

When dancing your physical energy recovers and gives you the necessary energy for all your activities and provokes a chain reaction in the other three, so it would be like this:

When dancing, you recover physical energy which is reflected in you physical appearance and if your physical appearance makes you feel good, then when you feel good you recover your emotional energy which in turn is reflected in your joy, so when you are cheerful you recover the mental energy which is reflected in positive thoughts, when you have positive thoughts you recover the motivation what allows you recover your spiritual energy.

This is why I tell you that dancing is important. I do it every other day. I dance salsa, I dance what I like the most and do it for about thirty minutes, at home.

I don’t go to any gym and this, along with meditation, has made that I keep AWAKE everyday, after being born again.

Remember: When we talk about love compatibility, it is important to remember that you are energy.

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