Zodiac love match is
to talk about energy

When we talk about zodiac love match, it is important to remember that we are energy and the energies are four:

The physical energy,emotional,mental and spiritual

You must think that equality of signs are related to the energy and specially as we have used them until today.

When you know these energies, you will have the possibility to find a new partner and re-discover the one you already have.

To begin with this process of understanding the zodiac love match we will take the first of them (The physical energy).

One of the critical points to understand The physical energy is to discover how you use it and how you recover it, then you need a notebook where you can write your daily routine.

Zodiac love match I always recommend writing things and specially write them not in any notebook or paper, but in one chosen for you with a special spirit, this way you’ll be able to move forward in this path.

This writings of your routine will help you understand the wrong way of using your energy.

When I refer to your activity I want to include in it everything you do since morning to night, so your work, your relationships, your home, your family, etc. 24 hours a day.

When you get aware of the energetic expense and the low recovering of it, you’ll be able to make a balance and change them.

I will tell you one thing that will show you the quantity of energy that we expend and where are the four energies involved.

Think of what I am going to write and reflect:

There are many activities during the day that you are not aware of the energetic expense this gives you. You expend without noticing it and in the worse case with no recovering. Look! This is very subtle, but it is the key.

When you open your house’s door and find the shoes unorganized o anything that is not in its place or a painting that someone important gave you, you stayed a few moment stuck in that situation, thinking, feeling, remembering and re-living each of them as the first day. You expend energy.

Now, this situation happens every time, so tell me, when do you recover from all your energy?

Due to the same way we expend energy we must also recover it and the recovery begins from The physical energy. I recommend you dancing to recover it, and for dancing you must take care of your body, taking the amount of water the body needs, eating six times per day as minimum.

We will see this last thing I told you in the next page called water, food and rest.

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