To demystify ( to remove the mystery from; make clear ) any words especially the word love
you must know the following:

To demystify you must Know:

1. Words are created by humans to identify something. It is a creation of a human.

2. All the experiences related to this creation are behind this construction.

3. And finally, those who use this word for their own benefit. The Media. TV, newspapers, magazines, radio … the list is big.

Demystify love To understand a word, first you must make clear (or to divest it of the mystical and idealized aspects of reality ). In other words, all the spam we receive from point three (the media).

Now you are face to face with your experience and the sense this word has to you.

In my experience, it was make less mysterious or remove the mystery from the word love when I started to live what really was.

My conclusion:

Is an attitude towards life and when that attitude is a reflex of you inner feeling, everything is full of that substance. It is a tool and a force that moves everything.

With honesty and with no conditions: to give affection to another person, we have to give it to ourselves first.

It's really logical; you cannot give something you don't have. If you think that you're not worthy of being appreciated, then it will be really difficult to receive it. We all yearn the intimacy and to be esteemed, but in parallel with the yarn, a great fear often conceals.

But remember:

You should start with yourself and the first step is to remove mystery, make clear, the meaning of the words you use

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