Love and seek means to understand
that love is inside you and not outside you

To unite love and seek you have to wake up.Waking up is the most beautiful work of the world and that waking up is YOU.


If you watched MATRIX, you’ll remember that Oneal, the main character, didn’t know if what he waslistening was true or not. In the other hand, as I’ve been saying since the beginning of this website,there are two paths to learn life’s teachings (The path of pain And the path of the awakened consciousness). Oneal faced these paths.

The red pill and the blue pill that represent staying where he is or waking up from his dream; well, this is what happen right now with you, if you want to be re-born and to unite love and seek you must wake up, become aware of what you are, where you are and where you go to.

love and seek

Waking up is a process, and I say this because it must be understood as such and, as a process,it has steps to follow which are the following:

  • The first step, is to wake up and, although it seems strange to you, to wake up from your own self-programming. This means you must stop identifying yourself with your body, your feelings and your mind. This way, you’ll be able to be yourself.

    Here is where meditation has its main role. It allows us to get closer and closer each day to what we must be and where we receive that superior energy.

  • The second step is to re-discover your abilities and develop them.

    To know how to listen, to use our intuition, our curiosity and to know how to apply what we learn.

  • The third step is to recognize that we are energy, energy that must be used and recovered

  • The fourth step is to learn and discover the true wealth and this will not happen until we understand that we must know the flow of money and understand how our economy works.

    Waking up is love When you discover the way of your macro-economy, you will be able to learn to GIVE and RECEIVE, two acts based on your reality and not based on I HAVE TO, as an attitude that comes imposed from outside and not from inside as an acceptance.

    When you finish these four steps in the process of waking up, you’ll be born again and you will learn this throughout my pages and especially in my program called:


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