The best love is the knowledge.

The sense of knowledge and awareness of you reality will lead you to wake up.

the best love: YOURSELF

Do not disguise or distort yourself, wake up from you and from your reality. Be to yourself

the best love

To be awake is to get a very precious knowledge to discover aspects related to the life you have today.

To know how the mind works in order to comprehend the reason why you fail in many areas of your life. You will discover the need that only by working on yourself, you will be able to transform your life.

The bases where the world lies today are not the correct ones and they have practically taken us to our own destruction as human being.

It is necessary that you know the way you think, act and feel in order to discover and experiment the essence of life: The TRUTH, but this search can never start outside but from inside, from your interior. There lies the truth of each one.

It is absurd to go away from the world to seek the truth, because it lives inside the world and within the man here and now.

The truth is the unknown, it happens moment to moment y doesn’t occur by separating oneself from the world or abandoning our fellow men as you will discover.

Opinions come from the mind and these have nothing to do with the truth. The mind will never be able to conceive the truth because truth is a direct experience, it is not about theories, concepts or opinions.

Albert Einstein

When in this walking of WAKING UP you start to MEDITATE, you will have peace and silence in the mind and when the mind is quiet of thoughts, opinions, wishes, etc., when the mind is in SILENCE, the TRUTH comes to us.

You have to get aware of three basic elements to develop a right work towards the knowledge of your WAKING UP.To the best love

1.- TIME: You live in three tenses: past, present and future.

Be aware of the following: the only time in which we can really work is PRESENT.

As much as you think about past, you CANNOT change any single details. You spend energy in nothing at all. And it is the same about the future, but this can be affected by the good use of your present.

2.- ACCCEPTANCE: When you accept your past a hundred per cent, a door in your present will be open and your inner journey will begin, your journey to wake up.

3.- IDENTIFICATION: When you stop identifying yourself with your body, your feelings and your mind, you will be born again.

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