God is love that’s evident. But when you look love as an energy, it allows you to change the relationship with this source.

God is love and love is energy

When you choose and accept, because this is the point, to chose and accept that love is energy, your way to relate with the name that men have given to this (God) changes.

It is important to understand the essential. YOU MUST CHOOSE TO SHOW IT OR NOT, AND DO NOT LOOK FOR IT OUTSIDE.

God is love and love is energy Many people think that love is outside of them, that God is outside of them and that is wrong because if we have born from that same energy, you have to live the same.

It is your pride that doesn’t allow you to express it, that is the only gap that exists with this beautiful energy called love

My words would seem tacit or unspoken and maybe totalitarian, but my inner journey has shown me not only once but several times, the stupid circles I make to discover that deep inside it is waiting for me in the same place. You don’t know how much energy my pride has made me spend.

The day I decided to choose and accept this energy was the day my life changed 360 degrees in its direction. To understand that love is inside of me and that it is my master. The same as at the beginning of times.

Stop being a drop, stop fighting and become one with the sea. It is the most beautiful thing you can do, and not only for you but for everyone around you, they will see and feel this change.

God is love

When you wake up from yourself and stop identifying yourself with your body, emotions and mind, you will understand what I’m telling you, and for this I will teach you to meditate in a very simple but extremely deep way.

If you change the phrase God is love the words love for energy, you will have the opportunity to stop being a drop and if you add meditation, you’ll get into the ocean of life.

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