My love tips for you is to trust in your potential and when you stop identifying yourself with your thoughts, you’ll be free.

When giving love tips it’s usual asking oneself questions like:

Are you afraid of ending alone, loosing everything or being hurt?

And my love tips for you is the following:

You have tools within yourself to manage these freezing thoughts.
I’ll tell you.

When two people are compared in a specific situation, for example at work where one is a better sales person than the other, we could not think that the subject A has a magic wand to attract clients in comparison with the subject B. Of course not!

love tips What happens is that the success of one and the failure of the other are conditioned by the IMAGE THEY HAVE OF THEMSELVES.

Your life is governed by beliefs. This is the filter through which we see the world. We all adapt reality to the beliefs we have to make them fit in it.

Feeling bad is a good start (crisis)

At the beginning, your beliefs are not either right or wrong and although we are convinced about their certainty, you need your experience to prove them and if necessary, modify them.

For this reason, when a crisis emerges, we cast on doubt our deepest and unconscious beliefs and where we learn that they may be restricting us. I’ll tell you a story that will help you clarify this.

Alfredo complained only after a long marriage, before his divorce he always thought he could not live without his wife. However, after three years he had learnt to live by himself and cherish many things that he didn’t used to see.

He had learnt to manage his debts and he was surrounded by a group of friends and on his way to a new relationship.

Alfredo grew by learning that his belief (he couldn’t live without…) was just a scary thought and it was never contrasted with reality.

love tips 2 If you are a good observer, you will see that it was the thoughts coming from his previous beliefs what restricted Alfredo.

Great part of our suffering result in three primary emotions that are caused by WRONG THOUGHTS, and these come from the basic harmful beliefs.

It is the thoughts of DANGER, UNJUSTICE and LOST what provoke the following emotions:

Anguish • Angry (or annoyance) • Lost

As I told you at the beginning, when you stop identifying yourself with your thoughts, you’ll be free.

Your beliefs are located in the subconscious and when they act, they make you think like them, which makes your reality be wished by that belief.

If you are awake you can change your reality. You must be alert to not identify yourself with your thoughts.

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