Meditation is gaining more and more recognition globally to cure health problems controlling the mind. Why?

Why Meditate?

Because meditation really works and also doctors are recommending it more and more. The following headlines were taken from magazines issues where the interest for Meditation is explained.

Meditation is a process that lets you balance your life in all its areas and even more.


CBS News

Is supposed to help against depression, to control body pain, to increase life span, to decelerate cancer, to energize the body immune system and to significantly reduce high blood pressure.

Washington Times

A new study shows that people who has taken the training on meditation produce more antibodies to the influenza vaccine than the people who don’t meditate. People who were part of this study also showed increasing signs of brain activities in areas related with positive emotions compared with people who don’t meditate.

Time Magazine

has recently reported about Meditation “when meditate ,can be used sometimes to replace Viagra”.>

People who meditate nowadays have different life styles and they are not necessarily strange people with strange ideas of the New Era. People who meditate are students, lawyers, prisoners, athletes, etc.

Time Magazine

There are studies that not only show that meditation stimulates the immune system but also show that when scanning the brain, it suggests meditation changes certain areas of the brain that help reduce stress.

It is recommended more and more each day by doctors as a way to prevent, improve or at least control the pains that chronic diseases may generate, such as heart conditions, AIDS, cancer and infertility.

As you can read here, it gives a lot of benefits so that even a beginner can reach.

There are two types of Meditation: Passive and Active.

Passive is the one that reflects us physically and mentally. Active is the one that reflects us physically and mentally to connect ourselves with love, with ACTING.

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