Meditate is re-discovering your natural breathing and you have more thant the fifty percent of the process of meditation

Meditate once a day and ...

The Power of Meditation

By discovering your natural breathing you have more thant the fifty percent of the process of meditation.

Once breathing is discovered, we start with it using one of the most important tools of your journey to correct love: MEDITATION. But for that, we shall know what meditation is,how to do it and What happens when you meditate?.

Meditation is a processs, it allows balancing your life en all its areas and even more.

Meditation and balance As a process I mean the following:

By re-discovering your natural breathing, you have more than the fifty percent of the process of meditation and the steps that go through it are the following:

1.-You must stop identifying yourself with your body.

This means that YOU are not your body but much more than that. It is like you are inside a vehicle, a suit, but you are not that vehicle or that suit. Think for a moment what I’ve just said.

It is important that you understand this from the beginning. When you react to a specific situation, many things happen to you and one of them is to react physically.

When someone tells you that you are fat, if you identify yourself with your body, you’ll feel attacked and will try to leave that place as soon as possible.

2.-You must stop identifying yourself with your feelings.

Identifying yourself with your feelings leads you to react in a automatic way without giving the time you need to answer adequately.

Anger is mostly known by the mass it causes when you let yourself lead by it which is the same to say that you identify yourself with your feelings.

3.-You must stop identifying yourself with your thoughts.

Thoughts are your bigest potential as long as you don’t let them rule your life and do learn to administrate them.

When you think, you also create the feeling and energy of that thought, that’s why if you identify yourself with your thoughts, you create a chain reaction that will not let you react as you are but as your thought wants you to.

So,when I speak about the meditation process I mean that when you begin your rhythmic and nose breathing you shall tell yourself that you are not your body, that you are not your feelings and that you are not your thoughts while you keep the rhythm of your breathing.

This allows calm to come into your life and stop reacting physically, emotionally and mentally little by little.

It is this meditation process that go with you during the whole process of being born again, since there are things that must come from inside you and I will only show you how to do it, but it is your job.

What’s important is that it comes from inside, there is where the base of your happiness, balance and the reason why you’re here is located.

What happens when you meditate?

Watch the following video: ENJOY IT


Transcendental Meditation at Maharishi University of Management

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