Love actually is to watch your reality and take control of your life.

Love actually is :

To take control of your life you must have the right knowledge, the necessary tools and the conviction that you’ll become a new man, a new born.

When you see the control of your life from this perspective, you’ll understand that not all the knowledge is important and the richness and the pillars of your life are in the simplest things and in those things you don’t see.

The more you get closer to yourself, the more you understand why you are here.Another way to solve your difficulties (I don’t say problems)

love actually You’ve learned to solve your difficulties in a programmed, standardized way, product of your present lacks and your way of conducting your ego.

I want you to know from now that there is another way to solve your difficulties, not the traditional one.

When you take responsibility for what surrounds you, for what you feel and for what you think, for your love actually, the solution to each situation is clarified more accordingly to your feelings, so this produces the satisfaction of having done the right thing.

The sum of these little solutions produces the joy of feeling as new born and conductors of our own destiny.

Our environment

The most important and influent environment for you is the Media:

Television, press, radio, internet. If you want to be a professional conductor of your life, I would advise you not to pay attention to this environment.

The Media is greatly responsible for a lot of the feelings, ideas and beliefs of a person. It creates fears, doubts, competition…etc.

If you want to change your life for real, you must be alert of the very subtle signs and be prepare for their mission.

You must change your habits, your customs and specially your way of feeling and listening to your environment. Your love actually.

Why being worried, for example, about the energy crisis if our scientists always find an alternative?

To think this way is to think the positive side of a difficulty and think that we have the necessary tools to solve it, instead of having doubts and worries. This is why the Media has its followers and earns millions.

Our reality

Reality has its own worries, the money of the month is not enough, I am not happy with my job, I don’t have a stable partner, things don’t work correctly at home … etc.

The same as your environment, you must have the necessary tools to change it, but understand that more worries or difficulties are YOUR CHALLENGES, so you must create different circumstances.

love actually 2

But How? You ask yourself.

When being born again, you’ll find the answers.

When you change your way of conducting your life, you will also change your way of thinking, so your reality will change like magic.

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