How to love? Before answering this question about love

you must know the following:

How to love. All the years that have passed as well as you present situation are the product of he way you manage you life. What I try to say by this is that you are responsible of each individual moment.

There are many things in our reality that are difficult to understand and many times solve because we don’t have either the tools or the knowledge and because we are not consciously present in the moment things happen

How To love In order to begin understanding you reality, you have to know that what you see is the result,so what motivated the facts that happened is located in the unconscious.

You don’t have to feel guilty but responsible.

Although you didn’t have conscious of that, don’t forget that you were an simple element of that reality.

From this point of view, I can tell you that you present reality is temporary and it’s in you hands to change it.You are the conductor of you life.

I know that there are difficulties, doubts and concerns when you situation is not what you expected, either money or you’re not lack of it, but it’s not abundant either,and you wish to be more relaxed about it, that you job is not the best of the world,there are difficulties in you family hard to overcome, I want you to know that all this is temporary,it is a small reality.

awakening how to love

All this is going to change as you are passing the different stages of skills to love.This is your new and definite work; yourself.

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