The first and most important love advice is to know how to listen and,

what prevents us from listening?

Love advice-2:

When we listen, we place ourselves in a risk zone where we can be switched to what we listen, which means that listening is a risk, that’s why it demands great strength and devotion from us when listening.

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Another thing that prevents us from listening is that it entails a risk like the one pointed previously and, due to in our society we are not lately used to taking risks, everything is simply disposable, we adopt the same attitude towards a situation or person.

But listening partially is not a whim. Our mind needs to filter the huge amount of information that comes in through our senses and it is here where our mental model has its effects and where we start creating our own reality.

All the stimulations we receive are filtered by perceptions and then some are sent to the conscious and others to the subconscious, and as the conscious receive only a little part of the information, then our mental model is fed by its subconscious, that is to say, we react in a programmed way and that’s why we must wake up. Wake up from ourselves.

Did you know that you listen in three levels?

  • Inner listening
  • Focus listening
  • Global listening

  • How to use your natural ability of listening
    to find creative solutions to your life?

    The professional and personal success depends on our great capacity of communication. A good communicator commands the skills of speaking in public as well as the ability of listening actively. Listening is the key ingredient of an effective communication.

    Thanks to the act of listening actively, we better capture the knowledge and feelings of our interlocutor, we gain his/her trust, we strengthen the relationship, reduce the conflicts and increase our capacity of persuasion.

    The great majority of the people are constantly stressed for different reasons. This leads them to overlook what is important in the relationship. And one of the most important reasons in all your relationships (your wife, your children, your friends, etc.) is to learn how to listen actively.

    When you really take the decision of listening actively everything , everything starts to change. Your relationships become more intense and full of present. You develop your intuition and are clearer about what you desire. You take much clearer decisions and most of all, full of everything your interlocutor need.

    The first thing we will learn again by listening actively is the capacity of compromise, so lost these last generations.

    The second thing is to stop loosing time because you become clear and reflect what is really important.

    And the third thing is that you take concrete decisions based on the REALITY of communication and not in your suppositions.

    I have prepared a course that will give you the tools that will allow you to achieve those three objectives and it mainly can be applied to all your activities.

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    The first and most important love advice is to know how to listen.
    To listen actively One of the most difficult activities to understand in life is to know how to listen and

    for that,the first we must learn is TO BE QUIET.

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